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Electronic Lock Department

    If your adventurous and have a lot of confidence in your abilities, Safe Accessories offers electronic locks that will allow you to open your safe faster, allow for easy access in low or no light situations by knowing the pattern of your combination and enable to you employ multiple user combinations (quantity of user combinations varies with brand and model).
    In addition to the installation instructions provided with the electronic lock you will also need instructions for the removal of your old lock.  We will provide those instructions with the lock you order provided you inform us of the make and model of lock you are removing.  You may do so by emailing us at .  Please include references to your ordering information in the email such as: Name, Address, Phone and Make and Model of the lock you order and the one you are going to remove.  The electronic locks we offer have the same bolt hole mounting pattern as S&G, LaGard and Ilco Group II mechanical locks.  There is no possible way we can help you determine the make and model of lock you have prior to you placing an order and we do not respond to such inquiries.  The information supplied with your safe when it was purchased should provide you with that information.  We are aware that some safe manufacturers have used a different brand of lock than the brand of dial and ring on the door front.  This will make no difference as long as it is a Group II lock as mentioned above.

Important: We cannot stress enough that once a new lock and/or combination is installed it must be checked with the door open at least 3 times to make sure it works properly.  The last thing you want is to LOCK-OUT your safe!

Electronic Locks:

Sargent & Greenleaf  6120   S&G 6120


LaGard LG Basic II   LGBASIC ll LaGard lockbox


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